How You Can Help

Baptist Village is a practical expression of a spiritual counsel. Because we seek to be the realization of part of the work of Jesus in this world, we must have spiritual energy and insight. As Christians we believe prayer is one of the keys to attaining that energy and insight. Jesus was a man of prayer. Time and time again the Bible calls on Christians to pray for one another. Thus, we seek your prayers on our behalf.

  • Pray for our Trustees and administrators that each of them will have the wisdom necessary to lead in a Christlike manner.
  • Pray for our staff. Pray that each of them may be an adequate representative of the love of Christ in our caring for and interaction with our residents.
  • Pray for our residents that each one of them will know the comfort of Christ in the golden years of life.
  • Pray for their preparation for life eternal.

We thank you for your prayers.

A volunteer uses their training, experience, or natural abilities to assist in areas that could best serve to help ‘make life better’ for our residents and their families. There are many ways our volunteers assist residents, such as:

  • Visit with resident and discuss topics of their choice and interest
  • Take residents on walks
  • Read to residents (mail, Bible, other books they might enjoy)
  • Assist residents to and from an activity
  • Call or assist residents in playing bingo
  • Assist with outside group activities
  • Assist with art or craft group
  • Play piano, guitar, or participate in singing program
  • Send cards or visit on holidays or birthdays
  • Social visits
  • Assist resident in writing letters
  • Play checkers or other board games
  • Play cards with resident

Volunteers are not employed, paid or contractual.

Giving is a vital part of our ministry. Annually Baptist Village spends more than one million dollars caring for those who have run out of resources. This ministry of caring would not be possible without the generous support of those moved to give. Your gifts are vital to continue our ministry.

The truth is giving is a responsibility. Our Christian scriptures teach that each of us has three areas in which we are responsible to give. First, we are responsible to our family. Second, we are responsible to our government. Third, we are responsible to our God. We give to family out of love. We give to government out of obligation. We give to God, through our churches and church ministries like Baptist Village, out of love and Christian maturity.

Giving can be a win-win situation. Because of the tax laws you can give to Baptist Village while taking care of your family and receiving a tax advantage. Some ways of giving are the Annual Fund and Planned Giving.

The Annual Fund generally includes gifts of cash, stock, other resources, and or memorial gifts. You may support our ministry through the Annual Fund by mailing a check to the address below.

Planned giving, or Christian Estate Planning, includes such things as giving through:

  • A Will
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • A Life Estate Trust
  • A Gift Annuity
  • A Charitable Lead Trust
  • A Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Each of these ways of giving can create a win-win situation for you and for Baptist Village. If you would like to learn more about any of these please contact our Corporate Administrative Assistant Jan Thrift at or by telephone at 912-283-1234 x 11, or by mail at:

Jan Thrift
2650 Carswell Avenue
Waycross, GA 31503

May God bless you as you bless His older children.

Baptist Village Entrance